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about me

Hello! My name is Nikita Smekalkin and for the past three years I have been training as a Visual Effects Artist at the Los Angeles Film School. Luckily for me, I found something, that I wanted to do for the rest of my life, when I was in a very young age. Since childhood, filmmaking has always been my biggest passion. I entered the film industry in 2009 as a stunt coordinator assistant. My father was a head of the stunt department for all major motion movies in Russia by that time, and there’s no better way to get experience,  than first hand, on the job. I worked on production sets for 10 years gathering the knowledge and experience until I realized, that I was ready to go further into the industry. My dad showed me how to make explosions in real life and I was always wondering, how I could create the same effect digitally, in postproduction. After working in the film industry for over ten years in Russia, I realized how rapidly technology was developing in our field. Finally, I came to the point, that my true calling was in post- production, that’s why 2 years ago I moved to Los Angeles, the epicenter of film industry. Now I`m focused on studying visual effects, virtual production and integration. I am using my experience in stunts and demolition to recreate epic explosions and effects digitally.  I

Because of my experience, I provide high impact, creative solutions to complex technical problems, I can work both independently and as part of a team. I always try to learn a new technical area to improve my skills, because my main focus is generating results.  I am self-motivated, disciplined and able to prioritize multiple tasks, at the same time I have an ability to develop creative solutions. I have a deep knowledge of and passion for filming, show business, and entertainment culture, that’s why I strongly believe, that I have enough skills, motivation and desire to develop this industry and create a high quality product. I am not afraid of any challenges or competition, because I will never stop discovering new editing technologies and I am ready for an intense and hard work to create a product, that I will be proud of. I have devoted my life to filmmaking and postproduction, solution driven team player like me, for sure, will give you a result, that you are looking for. Looking forward to our future cooperation! 

Special Skills

Pre and post  production management. Have more than 8 years of film production experience working on ground from Grip to Executive Producer. I was working a lot outside of US and been a part of team for 20+ projects for TV, Film and Video Production.

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